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Personal matters


Members of the LGBTQAI+ community have the same rights as everybody else to register cohabitation. Homosexuals who are married or in registered cohabitation may adopt children or have children using artificial insemination, subject to the usual conditions governing the adoption of children. They have the same rights as other parents.

Samtökin '78 - The National Queer Organisation of Iceland

Samtökin ’78, The National Queer Organisation of Iceland, is a queer interest and activism association. Their purpose is to ensure that lesbians, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, intersex, trans people and other queer people are visible, acknowledged and enjoy full rights in Icelandic society, regardless of their country of origin.

They offer presentations, workshops and training programs for school groups, professionals, workplaces, and other organisations. It also offers free social counselling to queer people, their families, and professionals. The counselling is free of charge and fully confidential. They also offer free legal assistance on the rights of queer people.

We all have human rights - Equality

There exists just one Marriage Act in Iceland, and it applies equally to a man and a woman, two women and two men.