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Important notice · 18.11.2023

Volcanic eruption likely near Grindavík

Emergency phase declared

The town of Grindavík (in the Reykjanes peninsula) has now been evacuated and unauthorised access is strictly forbidden. The Blue Lagoon resort, that is close to town, has also been evacuated and is closed to all guests. An emergency phase has been declared.

Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management posts updates about the situation on the website grindavik.is. Posts are in English, Polish and Icelandic.

Volcanic eruption imminent

These drastic measures have been made after many earthquakes have gone off in the area in recent weeks. Scientists believe that volcanic eruption is imminent. The latest data from the Met Office show displacement of land and a large magma tunnel that is forming and may open.

Apart from scientific data supporting this, obvious signs can be seen in Grindavík and serious damages are evident. Land has been sinking in places, damaging buildings and roads.

It´s not safe to stay in the town of Grindavík or near it. All road closures in the Reykjanes peninsula should be respected.