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Looking for a job

There are many websites where jobs are advertised that can help you in your search for a job. They can be a good starting point, even though some are mostly in Icelandic. You can also contact recruitment agencies that are often looking for people for bigger companies and recruiting for positions that are not otherwise openly advertised.

If you are seeking work, you can get assistance and practical advice,  free of charge, from the counsellors of the Directorate of Labour.




Applying for a job

For factory jobs and work that does not require special education, employers in Iceland often have standard application forms. Such forms can be found on recruitment service websites.

If you are seeking work, you can get assistance and practical advice,  free of charge, from the Directorate of Labour counsellors.

The EURES portal provides information on jobs and living conditions in the European Economic Area. The site is available in 26 languages.

Professional qualifications

Foreign nationals who intend to work in the sector for which they have trained need to check if their overseas professional qualifications are valid in Iceland. Read more about the main aspects governing assessment of professional qualifications.

I´m unemployed

Employees and self-employed individuals aged 18-70 are entitled to receive unemployment benefits if they have earned insurance cover and meet the conditions of the Unemployment Insurance Act and the Labour Market Measures Act. Unemployment benefits are applied for online. You will need to meet certain conditions to maintain the rights to unemployment benefits.