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Multicultural Information Centre

About Us

The aim of the Multicultural Information Centre (MCC) is to enable every individual to become an active member of Icelandic society, no matter the background or where they come from.

This web site provides information on many aspects of everyday life, administration in Iceland, about moving to and from Iceland and much more.


Role of the MCC

The MCC provides support, advice and information in connection with immigrant and refugee issues in Iceland to individuals, associations, companies and the Icelandic authorities.

The role of the MCC is to facilitate interrelations between people of different roots and to enhance services to immigrants living in Iceland.

  • Providing the government, institutions, companies, associations and individuals with advice and information in connection with immigrant issues.
  • Advise municipalities in accepting immigrants who move to the municipality.
  • Informing immigrants of their rights and obligations.
  • Monitor the development of immigration issues in society, including information gathering, analysis and dissemination of information.
  • Submitting to ministers, the Immigration Board and other government authorities, suggestions and proposals for measures aimed at enabling all individuals to be active participants in society, regardless of nationality or origin.
  • Compile an annual report to the Minister on immigration issues.
  • Monitor the progress of projects set out in a parliamentary resolution on an action plan in immigration matters.
  • Work on other projects in accordance with the objectives of the law and a parliamentary resolution on an action plan in immigration matters and also in accordance with a further decision by the Minister.

The role of MCC as described in the law (Icelandic only)

Note: On the 1. of April, 2023, MCC merged with The Directorate of Labour. The laws covering immigrant issues have been updated and now reflect this change.


The Multicultural Information Centre runs a counselling service and its staff is here to help you. The service is free of charge and confidential. We have counsellors that speak English, Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Estonian, French, German and Icelandic.


Refugee services and professional consultants for people working in the field of refugee services

Belinda Karlsdóttir / belinda.karlsdottir@vmst.is

Specialist – refugee affairs

Erna María Dungal / erna.m.dungal@vmst.is

Specialist – refugee affairs

Jóhanna Vilborg Ingvarsdóttir / johanna.v.ingvardottir@vmst.is

Specialist – refugee affairs

Sigrún Erla Egilsdóttir / sigrun.erla.egilsdottir@vmst.is

Specialist – refugee affairs

Contact:  refugee@vmst.is  /  (+354) 450-3090



Alvaro (Spanish, Geman and English)

Edoardo (Russian, Italian, Spanish, English, French and Icelandic)

Irina (Russian, Ukrainian, English, Estonian and Icelandic)

Janina (Polish, Icelandic and English)

Sali (Arabic and English)

Contact:  mcc@vmst.is  /  (+354) 450-3090 / Website chat bubble


Project manager – immigrant affairs

Auður Loftsdóttir

Contact: audur.loftsdottir@vmst.is / (+354) 531-7051


Division manager

Inga Sveinsdóttir

Contact:  inga.sveinsdottir@vmst.is /  (+354) 531-7419


IT and publishing

Björgvin Hilmarsson

Contact:  it-fjolmenningarsvid@vmst.is  /  (+354) 450-3090

Phone and office hours

Further information and support can be requested by contacting us by calling (+354) 450-3090.

Our office is open between 09:00 and 15:00, Mondays to Thursdays but between 09:00 and 12:00 on Fridays.


Multicultural Information Centre

Grensásvegur 9

108 Reykjavík

ID number: 700594-2039

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