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Electronic IDs

Electronic IDs (also called electronic certificates) are digital personal credentials to identify you. Their purpose is to access various online services and platforms in a quick and efficient way.

Electronic IDs are used to access most online services in Iceland. It can also be used as to sign documents.



You can use the electronic IDs to authenticate yourself and sign electronic documents. Most public institutions and municipalities in Iceland offer login to service sites with electronic IDs, as well as all banks, savings banks and more.

Electronic IDs

Electronic IDs on a phone

You can get electronic IDs through your phone sim card or a special ID card. If you are going to use electronic ID by phone, you need to check if your phone SIM card supports electronic IDs. If not, your mobile network operator can replace your sim card with one that supports electronic IDs. You can get an electronic ID in a bank, savings bank or Auðkenni. You must bring a valid driver’s license, passport or identity card with a photo.

Electronic IDs can be used in most types of mobile phones, you do not need a smartphone to use electronic ID.

Further information

Electronic IDs are based on the so-called Iceland root-certificate (Íslandsrót, information in Icelandic only), which is owned and managed by the Icelandic state. Passwords are not centrally stored, which increases security. The state does not issue electronic certificates to individuals and there are strict conditions for the issue of such certificates. Those who issue or intend to issue electronic IDs to individuals in Iceland are under the official supervision of the Consumer Agency.

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Electronic IDs are digital personal credentials to identify you.