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Hospitals and Admission

The National University Hospital of Iceland is called Landspítali. The Accident & Emergency room for accidents, acute illness, poisoning and rape is located in Landspítali University Hospital in Fossvogur, Reykjavík. You will find the contacts and location of other medical emergency rooms here.

Towns with hospitals

Reykjavík – landspitali@landspitali.is – 5431000

Akranes – hve@hve.is – 4321000

Akureyri – sak@sak.is – 4630100

Egilsstaðir – info@hsa.is – 4703000

Ísafjörður – hvest@hvest.is – 44504500

Reykjanesbær – hss@hss.is – 4220500

Selfoss – hsu@hsu.is – 4322000

Admission to hospital or specialist

Admission and referral to hospital or specialist can only be done by a doctor, and patients can request for their doctor to refer them to a specialist or hospital if they feel it is necessary. However, in an emergency, patients should go directly to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency room. Those with Icelandic health insurance are entitled to free hospital accommodation.


Individuals who are legal residents in Iceland and those who are covered with health insurance pay an affordable fixed fee when transferred with an ambulance. The fee is 7.553 kr (as of 1.1.2022) for those younger than 70 years, and 5.665 for those older than 70 years. People who are not residents in Iceland or do not have health insurance pay full price but can often get the cost reimbursed from their insurance company.

Admission and referral to hospital or specialist can only be done by a doctor.