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Legal Domicile

Everyone staying or intending to stay in Iceland for six months or more must, according to law, have their legal domicile  registered with Registers Iceland.

Entitlement to public services and assistance is generally dependent on having a registered legal domicile. It is therefore recommended to register your legal domicile as soon as possible if you intend to stay in Iceland.

In order to register your legal domicile, you must be able to demonstrate that you can support yourself financially, either with a work contract or private means of support.

Here you find more information about minimum substance.

Legal domicile must be in a building registered as residential housing in the real estate registry. A hostel, hospital and work camp are examples of housing that are usually not registered as residential housing, and therefore you cannot register your legal domicile in such housing.

You can only have one legal domicile.

You can only have one legal domicile.