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Dental Services

Dental services are provided free of charge for children until the age of 18. Dental services are not free for adults.

If you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or feel that you need immediate dental care, you can contact emergency dental care services in Reykjavík called Tannlæknavaktin.

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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry in Iceland is paid for in full by Icelandic Health Insurance except for an annual fee of ISK 2,500 which is paid upon the first visit to the family dentist every year.

An important condition for payment contribution from Icelandic Health Insurance is for every child to be registered with a family dentist. Parents/caretakers can register their children in the benefits portal and can choose a dentist from a list of registered dentists.

Read more about nutrition, night feeding and dental care of children in English, Polish and Thai (PDF).

Read “Let’s brush out teeth together until the age of 10 years” in English, Polish and Thai.

Pensioners and people with disabilities

Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI) covers part of dental costs of pensioners and the elderly.

For general dentistry, IHI pays half the cost for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Special rules apply to certain procedures. IHI pays for general dentistry in full for senior citizens and people with disabilities who are chronically ill and stay in hospitals, nursing homes or nursing rooms in geriatric institutions.

Dental care

Dental care of a 3 to 6 year old (In Icelandic)

Here above is an example of many videos that The Directorate of Health has made about dental care. More videos can be found here.

Dental services are provided free of charge for children until the age of 18.