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Personal matters

Violence, Abuse and Negligence

Remember that violence against you is never your fault. To report violence, negligence or abuse of any kind and get help, call 112.

Women suffering domestic violence have a safe place to go. The Icelandic Red Cross runs a helpline: 1717. You can also report online abuse.

Violence within the family is prohibited by law. It is prohibited to inflict physical or mental violence on one’s spouse or children.

Domestic violence should be reported to the police by calling 112 or contacting them via the online chat on www.112.is.

If you suspect that a child is being subjected to violence, or that they are living in unacceptable conditions or that their health and development is at risk, you are obliged by law to report it to the Government Agency for Child Protection.

It´s not your fault

If you are experiencing violence, please understand that it’s not your fault and you can get help.

To report violence of any kind against yourself or against a child, call 112 or open a web chat directly to 112, the National Emergency line.

Read more about violence on the website of the Icelandic Police.

The Women’s Shelter - a safe place for women

Women and their children, who are experiencing domestic violence have a safe place to go, The Women’s Shelter. It is also intended for women who are victims of rape and/or human trafficking.

At the shelter, women are offered the help of consultants. They get a place to stay as well as advice, support, and useful information.

See more information about The Women’s Shelter here.

Abuse in close relationships

The 112.is website has clear information and instructions on how to react in cases of abuse in close relationships, sexual abuse, negligence and more.

Do you recognise abuse? Read stories about people in various hard situations, to be better able to distinguish between bad communication and abuse.

“Know the red flags” is an awareness campaign by the Women’s shelter and Bjarkarhlíð that deals with abuse and violence in close relationships. The campaign shows short videos where two women talk about their history with violent relationships and reflect on the early warning signs.

Know the Red Flags

See more videos from the “Know The Red Flags” campaign.

Violence against a child

According to Icelandic Child Protection Law, everyone has a duty to report, to the police or child welfare committees, if there is suspicion of violence against a child, if it´s being harrassed or living under unacceptable conditions.

The fastest and easiest thing to do is to contact 112. In case of violence against a child you can also get directly in contact with the child welfare committee in your area. Here is a list of all the committees in Iceland.

Online abuse

Abuse against people online, especially children is becoming a bigger problem. It´s important and possible to report illegal and inappropriate content on the internet. Save The Children runs a tip line where you can report online content harmful to children.

Violence against you is never your fault!