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The Healthcare System

Iceland has a universal healthcare system where everyone is entitled to emergency assistance. Legal residents are covered by Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI). The national emergency number is 112. You can contact the online chat for emergencies via 112.is and emergency services are available 24 hours a day, all year round.

Healtcare districts

The country is divided into seven healthcare districts. In the districts you can find healthcare institutions and/or health care centres. Healthcare centres provide general healthcare services for the district, such as primary healthcare, clinical testing, medical treatment, nursing in hospitals, medical rehabilitation services, nursing for the elderly, dentistry, and patient consultations.

Health insurance coverage

Everyone who has legal residency in Iceland for six consecutive months is covered by the Icelandic health insurance. Icelandic Health Insurance determines whether citizens of EEA and EFTA countries are eligible to transfer their health insurance rights to Iceland.

Healthcare co-payment system

The Icelandic healthcare system uses a co-payment system which reduces the expenses for people who frequently need to access healthcare.

The maximum payment from 1 January 2022 is ISK 28.162 However, costs are lower for the elderly, the disabled and children or ISK 18.775. Payments for services provided at healthcare centres and hospitals are covered by the system, as well as health services for self-employed doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and psychologists. For more details click here.

For a more information on the Icelandic healthcare system click here.

Iceland has a universal healthcare system where everyone is entitled to emergency assistance.